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連続真空成形機 Automatic Continuous Vacuum Thermoforming Machine
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標準仕様 Normal Model
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全自動高速連続真空成型機: MVF-750A3



サーボモーター、ヒーターON/OFF 制御システム、 真空·離型制御システムを搭載し、




Automatic Continuous Thermoformer MVF-750A3
Operation Parameter Control Enables Extraordinary
User-Friendliness, Accuracy, Efficiency, and Durability

Customers rate our Automatic Continuous Thermoformer MVF Series highly because of its durah iree
operability. We designed our latest MVF-750A3 for improved operability and productivity, so it comes with a
number of innovations including servomotors, a temperature feedback control system, a vacuum/demolding
control system, and digital operation parameters. Once the operation parameters have been properly set the
can be saved to memory and recalled as needed. We are setting a new standard in enabling the operator to
reproduce the optimal conditions each time, every time.

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